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Euro+ oil refining complex has been launched at Moscow Oil Refinery of Gazprom Neft.
The launch took place on July 23, 2020. The opening of the complex was attended by: Russian President Vladimir Putin (remotely), head of Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation Alexander Novak, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, head of Gazprom Neft Alexander Dyukov and General Director of Moscow Refinery Vitaly Zuber.
During the teleconference, Vladimir Putin noted the importance of the project for Russian oil refining and for the industry as a whole.

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Euro+ combined unit is a key project of the 2nd stage of Moscow Refinery modernization program. The high-tech complex will provide a full production cycle for the first time in the domestic oil refining industry – from primary oil preparation to production.

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Moscow Refinery provides 40% of the fuel market in the Moscow region. The volume of processing at the Moscow refinery is 11 million tons per year, and the product range is about 30 types of highly ecological oil products.

Gazprom Neft has been implementing the Moscow refinery modernization program since 2011:

1) at the 1st stage (2011-2015):
- new technical units were built for production of Euro-5 fuel;
- modern bitumen production technologies have been introduced;

2) in the process of the 2nd stage (2015-2021):
- biosphere biological treatment facilities put into operation;
- Euro+ Complex installed ;
- an automated air monitoring system has been introduced;

3) tasks of the 3rd stage of modernization (2021-2025):
- increasing the depth of oil refining to 99%;
- improvement of environmental performance;
- construction of a deep oil refining complex;
- stopping the production of fuel oil.

The cost of the project to modernize the Moscow refinery in 2011-2025 is 350 billion rubles, 215 billion rubles has already been invested.


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