Expert examination activities

BT GROUP performs a wide range of expert work, including at the level of state and public organizations, professional communities. BT GROUP participates in the formation and implementation of technical policies, strategies, and national projects. When participating in the implementation of the tasks of import substitution, diversification, introduction of advanced technologies, digitalization and other significant directions, BT GROUP evaluates the capabilities of manufacturers, analyzes, harmonizes and develops the regulatory framework, supports the manufacture of products, introduction of systematic measures to ensure the quality of contract execution.

Examples of individual expert works:

  • Inspection support for product launch into manufacture (including examination of technical specifications, analysis of technological solutions and technological documentation of manufacturers in relation to product quality assurance, participation in acceptance tests, assessment of manufacturers ' readiness to implement inspection and to manufacture products of required quality);
  • Harmonization of quality control methods in production and at the consumer in order to prevent unjustified reclamations to suppliers due to inconsistency of regulatory requirements of manufacturers and consumers of products in terms of acceptance criteria, methods and instrumentation for measuring and inspection;
  • Examination of product handling and storage;
  • Expertise of technologies for construction, operation, and repair of wells;
  • Examination of installation, operation, and repair of pipeline system facilities;
  • Expert investigation of accidents;
  • Experimental studies of products.

BT GROUP's activities at the State and Intergovernmental level:

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BT GROUP actively participates in development and implementation of strategies on technical, technological, legal, customs and other aspects (at the level of the intergovernmental Commission, Ministries, Rosstandart, Analytical center under the Government of the Russian Federation, etc.), including:

  • Cooperation in the field of standardization, metrology, certification and inspection (as part of the Permanent Working Group of the Russian-Chinese Intergovernmental Commission);

BT GROUP is a member of the Russian-Chinese Working Group on cooperation in the field of standardization in the energy sector attached to "Standing Russian-Chinese Working Group on cooperation in the field of standardization, metrology, certification and inspection" of the "Sub-Commission on trade and economic cooperation" attached to "Commission for preparation of regular meetings of heads of governments of Russia and China".

BT GROUP participated in the following Working Group activities:

  • Cooperation in the field of inspection support for construction of strategic fuel and energy projects (current results – signing of a Memorandum with the Chinese company SINOPEC and performance of construction control for Amur GPP project).
  • Cooperation in the field of standardization in the field of construction of pipelines and production of related components, operational, quality control and diagnostics of pipelines, their manufacturing processes and pre-start operations.
  • Development of the digitalization process in the electric power industry.
  • Housing and utilities development strategy (Analytical center under the Government of the Russian Federation);

BT GROUP as an expert company takes part in the work of the Analytical center under the Government of the Russian Federation, in particular in 2019 in the Strategic session dedicated to "Possible goals and forks in the development of the draft strategy of housing and communal services in Russia for the period up to 2035" in the following areas:

  • infrastructure development and management (planning and requirements for infrastructure development planning, accounting, digitalization);
  • personnel and scientific support of housing and communal services;
  • technical regulation, standardization, safety;
  • energy efficiency and environmental requirements.
  • Quality improvement strategy, including standardization work (with the Federal Agency for technical regulation and metrology);

The company's specialists take an active part in interstate and national standardization activities (development of GOST, GOST R, PNST).

With the participation of BT GROUP, more than 70 standards have been developed and updated since 2007.

BT GROUP is a member of TC 357 "Steel and cast iron pipes and cylinders".

BT GROUP is a member of TC 124 "Means and methods of prevention of counterfeit products".

BT GROUP is a member of two SAE international technical committees: G-21 "Counterfeit Material standards development technical committee" and SAE AMS-K "Non Destructive Methods and Processes standards development technical committee".


  • Implementation of the National project "International cooperation and export" (as an exporter of services - in the development of Russian Export Center strategy);
  • Counteraction to illegal trade of industrial products (in the Expert Council of the State Commission - under the Ministry of Industry and Trade);

BT GROUP is a member of the Expert Council of the State Commission for counteraction to illegal trade of industrial products, and also cooperates with the International Association "Anti-Counterfeit".

BT GROUP is in charge of the issues of industrial products in the fuel and energy complex in the Expert Council of the State Commission for counteraction to illegal trade of industrial products, as well as in the International Association "Anti-Counterfeit»

BT GROUP analyzes and implements best practices for protection against counterfeit products, and participates in the development of normative regulators to limit the turnover of counterfeit and falsified products

The activity of our company is appreciated by the Association "Anti-Counterfeit".

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  • Participation in the Russian Government's Import Substitution Program;

In order to implement the Import Substitution Program of PJSC Gazprom, BT GROUP has provided technical audits of equipment manufacturers – potential suppliers of import-substituting equipment since 2015.

Technical audits include:


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Evaluation of manufacturer's technological capabilities

Analysis of the state of production, determination of the potential for improvement

Monitoring of production status, evaluation of corrective actions

  • Participation in Digital Transformation Programs.

BT GROUP has implemented the "Quality Control" and "Digital Inspector" programs.

The developed software package is a unique development and is currently used by the inspection staff at more than 300 production sites in Russia and abroad. This package has been implemented and worked out on such projects as Nord Stream-2, Turk Stream, Power of Siberia, etc., and is undergoing pilot operation in PJSC Gazprom and PJSC Gazprom Neft.

You can operate this software package anywhere in the world, all information is stored on our own servers and is available 24/7. Any devices with Internet access (including mobile devices) are suitable for work with the package. Advanced technologies such as VR and augmented reality are used.

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