Activities at production sites which enable the customer to manage the quality of deliveries and prevent disruptions of the delivery schedule.

BT GROUP specialists:

  • Ensure operational control of work schedules at the production site, including confirmation of actual dates of key production stages and milestones.
  • Provide reliable information (including photos) on current workload of supplier and progress of production tasks to the customer.
  • Analyze risks and prevent disruptions of the production schedule.
  • Inform and advise the customer on corrective actions required in order to meet the production schedule.
  • Control the document support of production, as well as monitor the use of approved documentation at the production site.
  • Control the supplier's suborders and subcontracts.
  • Control the subsuppliers' performance of their obligations in compliance with the main schedule of production activities.

Examples of control criteria:

  • Production capacities and their compliance with the production goals.
  • Availability, storage conditions, identification and traceability of materials and components in the warehouses of supplier and subsuppliers.
  • Review of planned percentage of work readiness against actually achieved progress figures.
  • Control of production capacity utilization.
  • Supplier's implementation of recommendations and correction of production documentation.