Турецкий поток

The new export gas pipeline from Russia to Turkey over the Black Sea. The first line of the two is meant for gas supply to Turkish users, the other line is for gas supply to the countries of South and South-East Europe. The total capacity of Turk Stream is 31.5 billion cub. m. (each line’s capacity is 15.75 billion cub. m.).
The starting point of gas feeding to Turk Stream is “Russkaya” Compressor Station (CS) which is a part of Russian Unified Gas Supply System and is located in Anapa region. This CS provides the pressure required for gas transportation through the two gas pipe lines for the distance of over 930 km to Turkish coast where gas is delivered to a receiving terminal.
The offshore pipeline section was constructed in 2017 – 2019 and a world record was set in offshore pipeline laying speed – 6.27 km per day. Construction of the receiving terminal and onshore section in Turkey was finished in 2019. Gas supplies through Turk Stream began in January 2020.

The source: PJSC Gazprom website https://www.gazprom.ru/projects/turk-stream/, Wikipedia