Иркутский завод полимеров

 project clock Works have been performed from 2017 to the present time
 project plant Works at 26 sites
 project pipe  More than 280 thousand units of materials and equipment have been inspected for the Project.

Implementation of projects

Stage 1 - development of the gas part of the Yarakta oil, gas and condensate field, including the construction of a complex treatment plant for natural and associated petroleum gas with a capacity of 3.6 million cubic meters per day for raw materials. A 193-kilometer product pipeline was built from the Yarakta field (via the Markovskoye field) to the city of Ust-Kut; also there was built a complex for receipt, storage and shipping of liquefied petroleum gases (LPG) in the vicinity of this city and, in December 2018, all facilities were put into operation.
Stage 2 - since 2018, the construction of two integrated gas treatment plants at the Yarakta field with a total capacity of 12 million cubic meters per day for raw materials (in addition to the existing one) has been going on. A natural gas treatment plant with a capacity of 6 million cubic meters per day is being built at the Markovsky field for preparation and processing of gas from this field. At the same time, industrial development of the gas reserves of the Yarakta and Markovsky fields continues, including the gas collection & transportation system.
At stage 3, the first polymer production plant in Eastern Siberia and the Far East will be built. As part of the project to build the Irkutsk polymer plant, engineering survey work has begun on both the main site and infrastructure facilities. Completion of construction and commissioning is planned for 2023.