A regular meeting of TC 23 Oil and Gas Industry took place within the framework of the VII St. Petersburg International Gas Forum, under the chairmanship of the Deputy Director of Gazprom Vitaly Markelov. Technical Director – Maksim Polikarpov took part in the meeting on behalf of the company

During the meeting, the members of the committee were introduced to the current progress in the implementation of the national and interstate standardization program, proposals to expand the scope of activity of subcommittee PK6 / TC23 Materials, Equipment for Oil and Gas Production and Processing to the LNG production scope and the results of the interaction of TC 259 Pipe Fittings and Bellows and TC 23 Oil and Gas Industry in the development of standards in the scope of oil, petroleum and natural gas line pipe transportation.

Additionally, the participants discussed:

  • Standardization in the field of equipment, materials and technologies for construction, repair and anticorrosion protection of the natural gas line pipe transportation;
  • Development of the draft of the standard: GOST R Line Pipe Transportation of Oil and Petroleum. Terms and Definitions;
  • and taking in account the new welding technologies during the development of the interstate standard GOST Gas Supply System. Welding. Technical Requirements.
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