Business Trend Ltd is an international accredited company that has been providing inspection services for Fuel and Energy Complex since 1991.


In November 2016, Business Trend Ltd celebrated its 25th anniversary!

Business Trend Ltd provides inspection services for customers, consumers, suppliers, manufacturers, and construction contractors involved in Fuel & Energy Complex facilities construction, installation, reconstruction, repair, maintenance and operation. 

Company news
21 April 2017

The Company representatives took part in the Conference "Technical Regulation in PJSC Gazprom".

31 December 2016

Business Trend management congratulates all the company employees and partners!

23 November 2016

Business Trend Ltd was awarded by “Anti-Counterfeit” International Association. 

22 November 2016

Business Trend Ltd celebrates its 25th anniversary!

21 November 2016

The results of Children Drawing Contest commemorating the Company 25th anniversary were summarized 

18 November 2016

Business Trend Ltd successfully passed Integrated Quality Management System (IMS) recertification for compliance with ISO 9001-2015, ISO 14001-2015, ISO 18001-2007 and ISO 29001-2010 requirements.

28 October 2016

October 24-27, 2016 Business Trend employees took part in XI International Conference “NefteGazStandart – 2016” dedicated to Russian fuel & energy complex development. 

28 October 2016

October 25-27, Business Trend Ltd took part in the 13th International Expo of Test & Measuring Equipment “Testing & Control”.

10 October 2016

Employees of Business Trend attended XI School-Seminar «Personnel certification in the area of non-destructive control - 2016» from 2 to 8 October, 2016

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