Business Trend is a multi-profile inspection and expert organization providing projects technical and inspection support, quality control and acceptance of equipment for oil & gas, mechanical engineering and construction areas since 1991.

Business Trend provides products quality control and acceptance services to the customers, suppliers and subcontractors within the projects covering construction, assembling, mounting, reconstruction, repair, exploitation and maintenance of the fuel and energy complex objects.

Business Trend main service is quality control and acceptance of pipes, associated fittings, pipe valves, steel structures, construction materials, equipment and other types of products at manufacturing sites.

Business Trend performs quality control and acceptance under orders of the leading oil & gas industry companies in Russia and worldwide.


09 october 2015

Business Trend representatives took part at ongoing Technical Committee 124 scheduled session.

04 october 2015

September 28  - October 04, Lazarevskoe city (Krasnodar region)  -  Business Trend representatives took part at X-th anniversary annual School-Seminar “NDT personnel attestation – 2015”.

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