Product quality control and acceptance at manufacturers

The goal of performance of quality control at the manufacturers is to prevent the delivery of products nonconforming to regulatory documentation & customer requirements to consumer. As a rule, the procedure includes checking operations at all key points of production process which define quality of the product.

Speaking about this service, it is important to note that Business Trend Ltd is an accredited Type A inspection body with the highest degree of independence according to ISO 17020 international classification.

This option is also called a third party inspection when there is no affiliation with either manufacturers (suppliers) or customers (consumers) of inspected items. Business Trend Ltd performs quality control of a wide range of industrial products – materials and equipment for exploration, development & operation of oil and gas fields, transportation, processing & recycling of hydrocarbons, construction & operation of infrastructure facilities, etc. Practical work on product quality control is supported by analytical work incl. analysis based on our own proprietary software. This ensures traceability, statistical processing of quality control results, assessment of risks and production trends in order to prevent nonconformity product from release and delivery to consumers.

Here is the typical list of quality control operations performed by Business Trend Ltd at the manufacturers:

  • Incoming control of materials components;
  • Inspection of manufacturing facilities;
  • Monitoring of manufacturing process;
  • Step-by-step in-process checking of product;
  • Performance or witnessing of tests;
  • Final acceptance of products;
  • Shipping inspection;
  • Control of accompanying documents issuance.
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Business Trend Ltd performs quality control and acceptance at more than 400 manufacturers’ incl. inspection work in the mode of continuous presence at the plant. Some of these plants are listed below:

The manufacturers of pipe products:

  • JSC Vyksa Metallurgic Steel Works
  • CJSC Ijorskiy Pipe Plant
  • Voljskiy Pipe Plant
  • JSC Chelyabinsk Pipe Mill
  • OJSC Seversky Pipe Plant
  • JSC Sinarskiy Pipe Plant
  • JSC Taganrog Steel Works
  • JSC Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant
  • Manufacturer Truboplast LTD
  • Kopeysky Pipe Insulation Plant LTD
  • CJSC Sibpromkomplekt
  • JCS TVEL-Tobolsk
  • Pipeline Coating and Technologies L
  • SERES Enveironnement SAS
  • Tenaris Dalmine, s.p.a.
  • Tenaris Silcotub SA
  • Tenaris Siderca, S.A.I.C
  • LLC "KSP Steel"
  • LLC "Rystavi Steel"
  • S.C.Mittal Steel Roman S.A.
  • and others

The manufacturers pipilene fittings:

  • JSC Trubodetal
  • JCS TKZ "Krasniy Kotelshchik"
  • CJSC "Liskinmontazhkonstruktsiya"
  • JSC "Gazstroydetal"
  • CJSC Soedinitelnie Otvodi Truboprovodov
  • NefteGazDetal LTD
  • CJSC EnergoMash (Belgorod) – BZEM
  • YugProm LTD
  • CJSC Pipeline Fittings (“Soedinitelnie Detali Truboprovodov)
  • JCS "Slavatneftemash"
  • Kopeysky Pipe insulation Plant LTD
  • Russian Innovation Technology LTD
  • CJSC ZSDТ Trubostan
  • Meredian-stroy LTD
  • NPP Special Technology LTD
  • Spetsenergomash LTD
  • CJSC Zavod soedinitelnikh detaley
  • SibMet LTD
  • CJSC Rusneftegrup
  • NPP Tyazhpressmashdetal LTD
  • SpetsPromIsolyatsiya LTD
  • Aramilsky Plant of High Technology
  • Ural Pipeline Details Plant LTD
  • Industrial Meccanica BASSI LUIDGI &
  • Allied International S.r.l.
  • and others

The manufacturers of Oil and Gas equipment:

  • Saulit-Engineering Ltd (JCS Gagarin)
  • CJSC Energomash (Belgorod) – BZMS
  • NPP OZNA-Engineering LTD
  • Plant of Module structures LTD
  • Impeks-Electro LTD
  • JSC SSZ Lotos
  • Plant ZHBK-100 LTD
  • CJSC Cheboksarskaya electric and au
  • Research and Development enterprise
  • Experimental Plant TyumenNIIgiproga
  • CJSC Samarsky Plant of Boiler Acces
  • JSC Car-building plant
  • JSC Sverdlovelectro Group
  • NPP OZNA-Engineering LTD
  • CJSC Tyumen Steel Production Plant
  • IPF Vektor LTD
  • NPP TyazhpressmashDetail LTD
  • Electro technical Plant VEKTOR LTD
  • Oil and Gas equipment LTD
  • Gusevsky Valve Plant Gusar LTD
  • JCS AK Korvet
  • JCS Penzatyazhpromarmatura
  • Muromsky plant of pipeline fittings
  • JCS NZRKM n.a. Kryukov N.E.
  • Ufaneftemash LTD
  • JSC Omsky electromechanical plant
  • Sibneftemash LTD
  • IMS Industries LTD
  • JCS Uraltrubprom
  • Oil and Gas technologies LTD
  • Tomskcabel LTD
  • CJSC Cheboksarskaya electric and au
  • Ozerskya electric and engineering c
  • JSC Blagoveshchensky Valve Plant PK
  • PKF Sibmetall-Omsk LTD
  • JSC NPP Biotechprogress TD
  • Steel Production Plant Uraltyazhpro
  • NPP OZNA-Engineering LTD
  • Oil and Gas Plant Equipment TECHNOV
  • CJSC Chelyabinsk Plant of technolog
  • TZMK-Service LTD
  • JSC Plant Promstroydetal
  • CJSC GK Electroshchit – TM Samara
  • JSC Neftemash NPO
  • Etalon LTD
  • Tyumenstalmost LTD
  • OJSC Motovilikhinskie zavody
  • JSC Sibcabel
  • JSC Uralcabel
  • Chelyabinskiy compressor plant LTD
  • Ozersky power-supply plant LTD
  • JSC Novomet-Perm
  • Pozitron LTD
  • JCS Dimitrovgradchimmash
  • JSC Nefteavtomatika
  • ZMK-Syberia LTD
  • Company CRUS-Zapad LTD
  • Neksans RUS LTD
  • Ishleysky Plant of High-Voltage Equ
  • JSC Ozersky Plant of power-supply «
  • JCS Kazankompressormash
  • CJSC Industrial Company «Heat-excha
  • "Nanjing Iron & Steel Company Co. L
  • Shandong Znangqiu Blower Co. Ltd
  • SERES Enveironnement
  • and others
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