Career and Vacancies

Highly qualified staff is the basis of our long-term successful work.

While working in Business Trend Ltd you get the opportunity to develop in a strong, stable and independent company, which provides its services around the world for 28 years.

Today Business Trend Ltd. has more experienced and qualified specialists in their field, who participate in the implementation of the most important projects of the fuel and energy complex in Russia and around the globe.

We provide our employees with a competitive level of salaries and full compliance with the labor legislation of the Russian Federation, we offer unique opportunities for career development, training and development in an international inspection and expertise company.

Our company pays special attention to the qualification and competence of the staff, so we provide for adaptation of new employees, internal training of personnel and external specialized training, annual field conferences for experience exchange, as well as much more, which makes it possible to develop and master new professions within the company's activities.

When applying to our company, each specialist of the company receives:

  • - timely and transparent accrual of fully legal salary;
  • - flexible system of motivation;
  • - constant training at the expense of the employer;
  • - access to best practices in specialization segment;
  • - 24 hours advisory support of the company's specialists;
  • - unlimited opportunities for self-realization.

Depending on the nature of the work performed, the company provides its employees with:

  • personal protective equipment (including sets of winter and summer clothing);
  • technical means necessary for performance of works (cellular communication, office equipment, smartphones, tablets, cameras);
  • organization of travel and accommodation of employees on business trips.

We create comfortable conditions for you to work!

Business Trend Ltd. expands the activity and in this regard invites experts and graduates of higher education institutions for following scopes of activities:

  • 7646