Working for Business Trend you have the opportunity to develop in a strong, stable and independent company which has been rendering its services around the world for more than 25 years.

Business Trend team today includes over 500 experienced and qualified specialists that are involved in implementation of most important projects of fuel & energy complex in Russia and around the globe.

A lot of company attention is given to personnel qualification and competence. Our personnel training system operates in accordance with the strategy of personnel professional growth and includes: 

  • Regular advanced training;
  • Internal training of our employees;
  • Attendance at industry-specific  seminars, workshops, exhibitions and conferences;
  • Assistance to employees with their scientific activities and encouragement of their participation in scientific and technical conferences and symposia.

Highly-qualified personnel are the basis of our multi-year successful performance.

We provide our employees with a competitive salary level and full compliance with labor legislation of the Russian Federation. Also our company always improves the incentive system and creates the mechanisms of long-term motivation for personnel.

In order to increase the social welfare level of our personnel we develop the system of corporate perquisites. It includes various social programs and aid payments connected with important life circumstances of our employees.

We engage graduates and perspective college seniors from the lead Russian universities and in every possible way encourage their orientation in our team helping them to settle into the company and acquire the necessary level of experience and knowledge. 


Геосинтетики в нефтегазовой отрасли


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